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K-lin and BDL present Lucent SD: Indecent Noise, Ian Standerwick, and Victor Dinaire: 
Exclusive Interview with Ian Standerwick

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Lucent SD

Lucent SD 11 April

Walking into the cool darkness the Feeling of excitement begins to fill the room. The cool air and sweet Lighting begins to resonate through the room while walking in through the fog. That moving sound of the throbbing bass begins to hit and the energy of the room starts to rise. Naturally heads begin to bounce up n down. Pressing in the Crowd moves forward as the massive LED wall at Somewhere Loud in San Diego Lights ups showing the name: Victor Dinaire. Lucent SD is officially on its way.


Victor Dinaire at Lucent SD

Victor Dinaire at Lucent SD

The Dance Floor Begins to move and the progressive vibes begin to generate out of the Speakers. Victor Dinaire begins the night with a Journey man’s style of progressive trance. Techy drums causing the feet of all getting involved to move and shake. As the lush Melodies begin to Come in the crowd beings to warm up and the hands begin to rise. The familiar sounds of some Classic trance tracks come through and the room begins to sing along. Trance is truly alive in San Diego.

Standerwick on the Decks at Lucent SD

Standerwick on the Decks at Lucent SD

Now the moment we have been waiting, hailing from Bristol in the UK with releases on Future Sound of Egypt, Armada, Enhanced, and Black Hole Recordings, on his United States Debut tour Its time for Standerwick. Right out of the gate the huge tunes come on. Bringing that proper Bosh hard hitting Sounds the whole room begin to lift there hands and Dance as hard as they can. Bringing that old Gatecrasher sound the melodies lift up the room as a modern updated tech drop with elements of Psy Trance begin to drive the floor. As the the set continues Standerwick is feeling the Energy of the Crowd and continues to drive the sound of the drums and some heavy Basslines. The San Diego Trance Family is live and  in Full Effect.

Indecent Noise at Lucen SD

Indecent Noise at Lucen SD

Keeping the Energy up now the last DJ of the night steps up. With Releases on Mental Asylum… joining us from Warsaw, Poland, It is Indecent Noise. The Tunes just get heavier and the room is definitely going Mental. Keeping the Energy up the drums kept Driving and the melodies kept lifting up the room. With the contrast of Driving Drums and Bass lines with epic melodies making everyone lift their hands to the heavens, the crowd was on another level. Moving through his set with some epic Mashups and Closing it out with Great trance classics like Liquid Child- “Diving Faces” and Darude- “Sandstorm”.  The night was truly on to be remembered for the San Diego’s Trance Family.



Through this Epic event i was able to catch up with Ian Standerwick get his thoughts on his first time Playing in San Diego and how the tour has been going and much more.

Josh Taylor: How did you enjoy your set, being in San Diego and the Atmosphere?

Ian Standerwick: The Atmosphere was fantastic, Coming up from LA was great. The asked us how do you want to travel, would you like a flight, a car, or even a train. We were traveling from LA and decided to take a Car and sort that out. On the Drive I took hundreds of Photographs. Taking pictures of the Freeway, the buildings and all that. You grow up looking at all things America and you are reacting oh remember that Building and that on there. Its Great.

JT: What was your Reaction as you got on to the Decks and saw the Crowd, when you started playing your tunes?

IS: To Be Honest as soon as you have your stick in, and you see your playlist come up, you see your track there, you get the headphone mix worked out  thats when you can relax a bit; Until then you can’t relax. then Eventually you relax and then you can start reacting to the Crowd. Great reaction from the crowd

JT: How bout when you were in the middle of your set and you were right in the thick of it… How did you feel when you saw the Crowd reacting back to you getting into your sound?

IS: Well I kinda had a plan for my set and a direction I wanted to go and in what order i wanted to do it. But by track two i just felt no this isn’t how i wanted it and i went on the fly. And it was Worth it, when you got enough tracks and Big Bombs you can Drop. They were a really Good Crowd. Some Crowds are hard to read. You kinda throw a track in and see how this goes down and work on them awhile and shape it this way or shape it that way. But tonight was great Interaction and you know what they wanted after a while. It was like putting 10p in the fruit machine and winning back Pounds.

JT:  So if they can have you back soon are you excited to get back out to San Diego? Would you Maybe Consider to take a few weeks to Vacation/Holiday?

IS: Yeah, I can’t Wait! I’ll Have to bring the family out here actually. Such a Stunning Location. I mean really… I was thinking today that Everything is So Big. The size of your Cars, the size of your Freeways, and the size of your Burgers. Everything is Big. All i am thinking is that the people who made England must of had Small Hands. And the Guys who made America had Big hands… everything is on such a Grand Scale. Its an amazing Place, Its Everything I Expected it to be Honestly. I was talking to my wife and we often thought should we move somewhere one day, for a year or two years. It be a good Experience for the Children. It be strange to go to California, its a place we always been drawn to. As i said Driving up today Yea I could Live here. I could really easily Slot into the lifestyle!

Lucent SD- May16 2015

Lucent SD- May16 2015

Trance Is truly alive in San Diego. K-lin Events has lined up a few more Lucent SD Events in San Diego. May will have Damage Records tour with Label Boss, Jordan Suckley, along with  Adam Ellis and Mark Sherry. Also Already announced is John Askew coming out with a special 4 hour set. It is Sure to be a fun filled Summer in San Diego. Be Sure to tune in  and Catch these events and more on Trance-Energy Radio. Until next time. See you on the Dance Floor!

Trance Gate pres. STANDERWICK and Paul Webster LIVE on Trance-Energy Radio

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Trance-Energy Radio proudly presents, in collaboration with Trance Gate, Audio Religion, 5AM Management and Dj Channel Tv, this amazing event with our friends Paul Webster and Standerwick as main artists alongside with Mcaree & Clancy  and GOSTO.

This event will be broadcasted via radio and in same time via video.

We start at 23:00 local time (22:00 GMT) so you better be ready for a crazy night!

Line Up:
Paul Webster (EIRE)
Mcaree And Clancy (EIRE)

Mental Asylum in Singapore

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Since its birth in July 2012, “Mental Asylum Records”, the creation of trance DJ and producer Indecent Noise, has been going from strength to strength. With the label reaching its first milestone of 50 releases in early 2015, three compilation albums successfuly launched and a selection of sell out, one off, global events they are about to embark on one of their biggest projects to date.