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UK DJ/Producer on the rise Peter Stuart aka “Jerzyk” delivers us a collectors edition continuous DJ mix of Distant Memories – San Francisco. Jerzyk kicks off the first volume of the series “Distant Memories”released and sponsored by Appointed Recordings and it’s sub-labels.

With Jerzyk’s exclusive remix of Derek Aether’s Sunburst and artist in the compilation such as Wasted Dreams, Protobass, Alejandro Andaluz, Merc, Skylex, Lentorek, Noize Compressor, Mr Andre Pres. Zsomber K, Kgee & Bechs, Tranceformer Yuno & Key this compilation album is set to top the charts!

Respectively the collectors item is one of a kind in it’s first series and is packed with over an hour and a half of breathe taking trance music that is right for any occasion. The DJ mix will take you straight to a club scene in the UK where Jerzyk spins on the top of the hour and their is no turning back. Distant Memories – San Francisco mixed by Jerzyk will be on replay for years on in.

Distant Memories is about the progression of each DJ that is asked to mix a series. Years to come, fans and followers will look back at the collectors edition and realize from the day the compilation was released, it is a very special series. Bringing out the talent of not only the DJ, also the rest of the artist in the mix. Each compilation defines and highlights a moment in history. That moment will soon come to pass and will become a (Distant Memory).

Download your copy on Beatport:

Extrema Night Roma

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Extrema Night with Manuel Le Saux, Talla2XLC, Mario Piu and Astuni, an event that already says a lot only with the name. The live experience is hard to be described in words. Lovely people, amazing artists, unbelievable vibes are only a few adjectives that can define the night organised by Extrema Night Roma. I’ll try to write down about this experience as I saw it and I hope that everyone who was there will agree :)

K-lin and BDL present Lucent SD: Indecent Noise, Ian Standerwick, and Victor Dinaire: 
Exclusive Interview with Ian Standerwick

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Lucent SD

Lucent SD 11 April

Walking into the cool darkness the Feeling of excitement begins to fill the room. The cool air and sweet Lighting begins to resonate through the room while walking in through the fog. That moving sound of the throbbing bass begins to hit and the energy of the room starts to rise. Naturally heads begin to bounce up n down. Pressing in the Crowd moves forward as the massive LED wall at Somewhere Loud in San Diego Lights ups showing the name: Victor Dinaire. Lucent SD is officially on its way.

Trance Gate pres. STANDERWICK and Paul Webster LIVE on Trance-Energy Radio

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Trance-Energy Radio proudly presents, in collaboration with Trance Gate, Audio Religion, 5AM Management and Dj Channel Tv, this amazing event with our friends Paul Webster and Standerwick as main artists alongside with Mcaree & Clancy  and GOSTO.

This event will be broadcasted via radio and in same time via video.

We start at 23:00 local time (22:00 GMT) so you better be ready for a crazy night!

Line Up:
Paul Webster (EIRE)
Mcaree And Clancy (EIRE)

Mental Asylum in Singapore

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Since its birth in July 2012, “Mental Asylum Records”, the creation of trance DJ and producer Indecent Noise, has been going from strength to strength. With the label reaching its first milestone of 50 releases in early 2015, three compilation albums successfuly launched and a selection of sell out, one off, global events they are about to embark on one of their biggest projects to date.